General guidelines on Covid-19 and privacy policies

Welcome to Villa Amphitheater

We really appreciate your visit. It’s a pleasure to see you again after having to close for months. Your presence here today honors us for your trust and support.
During these months we have continued to work with passion and determination, although with reduced hours, waiting for this moment when we can happily serve you again offering a renewed experience and in the best conditions.

For your health, that of your family and our 35+ collaborators, we have established a strict protocol based on the current recommendation of the Ministry of Health, and endorsed by ICT (Costarican Tourism Institute) for the gradual reactivation of the tourism sector in the alert for Covid-19: Protocol for food services to the public (ICT-P-012) and Specific Protocol for Tourist Activity (ICT-P-002 and ICT-P-005). Complete information is available on the ICT website and a hard copy is open for viewing in the main cashier.

The Amphitheater is committed to abiding by accepted principles of good conduct in the context of the pandemic. The following are the principles that we must all apply and comply with, in accordance with the guidelines of the competent Authorities, and with which we need the same commitment on your part. We appreciate any suggestions to allow us to improve the care and level of protection that we all must demand.


  • The establishment must inform the client about the conditions of service and prevention measures established at the time of proceeding with the confirmation of the reservation/sale.
  • Establish a daily control of the health status of workers and document it.
  • Ensure compliance with the prevention and containment measures of COVID-19, of employees, collaborators and all Visitors.
    Identify, analyze and modify those services that facilitate interaction between employees and Visitors to reduce them to a minimum, without reducing the quality of care.
  • Ask our visitors to accept that their body temperature be taken with an InfraRed thermometer before entering the facilities (it should mark less than 37.5°C)
  • Ask our visitors (one person per social bubble) to fill out a form with their personal data (name, identification, telephone number, email and number of people who accompany them) and under oath of not having presented any of the symptoms in the last 14 days and of not having been in contact with infected or quarantined people.
  • (This data is strictly confidential and for the sole purpose of delivering it to the Ministry of Health if requested by them).
  • Inform the Visitors that in all the Zones and for all the services provided they apply the protocols of social distancing between social bubbles as well as with the staff.
  • Intensify cleaning and hygiene measures, with suitable products, mainly on those surfaces that are frequently touched.
  • Place in visible spaces the protocols for sneezing and coughing, hand washing, other forms of greeting, not touching the face and populations at risk.
  • Ensure access to toilet paper, antibacterial soap, disposable towels for drying hands and alcohol gel in public bathrooms and that they are properly disinfected.
  • Guarantee personal protective equipment to employees and control its proper use.
    Disinfection supplies, such as alcohol gel, will be provided to customers at the beginning of all activities, and at the end of each activity, complying with the disinfection protocols.
  • Maintain an occupancy level below 50% of the capacity of people and respect, and enforce, the social distancing of at least 1.80m between social bubbles.
  • For collections, the distance between the customer and the collector must be maintained, minimizing direct contact with cash and preferring the use of electronic transactions such as online presale and card payment.
  • In the case you have a symptomatic case of Covid-19, be it with a staff member or a visitor, the Administrator must coordinate with the 9-1-1 or 1-1-2-3 System, The Governing Area of the Ministry of Health must be notified and provide all possible collaboration and information for it to implement control and monitoring actions.
  • The company collaborator must inform the health authorities, the places and people with which the person suspected of COVID-19 has come into contact with during their stay.


– The host must walk at all times with their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) properly put on, as well as a bottle of alcohol gel and disinfectant towels for personal use and shared use with the Visitors.

– All people entering the event rooms inside the Caverns must wear a disposable mask and wear it correctly at all times.

– The Host will remind Visitors before entering the Rooms of the need to respect the security protocols mentioned in the signs authorized by the Ministry of Health.
By order of the Ministry of Health, at no time may more than 30 people be in the Event Rooms. (Including care staff)

– The movements inside the Caverns will be made in a single direction, to avoid crossings of social bubbles.

– The minimum social distance between social bubbles should be 1.80 meters at all times.

– Visitors commit to truthfully and responsibly inform the Host if their companions are part of a safe social bubble in the strict sense defined by the Ministry of Health. A group of friends or employees who come to meet at our facilities cannot be considered a social bubble.

– Avoid sharing personal items such as cell phones, otherwise, disinfect and wash your hands immediately after use.

– Intensify cleaning and hygiene measures for frequently touched surfaces (handrails, doors, tables …)

– Encourage hand washing before entering and leaving the event rooms.

– The Host will keep a record of the services performed where the clients are registered, the number of people, the start and end time, and the route.

– It is the Host’s obligation to report to the Administration when there is a suspicion that a person may present any of the symptoms associated with CoronaVirus.

– Thank you for your visit and for allowing us to serve you in the best possible conditions.


Privacy Policy

Protecting your privacy and personal information is important to the Villa Amphitheater. In this privacy policy you will find information on how we collect, use and process your personal information.

This privacy policy applies to the website, as well as to all websites, mobile applications and related services of the Villa Amphitheater that link to this privacy policy (collectively, the “Website”) unless we have posted a specific privacy policy on a particular website or service. In that case, that specific privacy policy will apply.

This privacy policy covers all personal information that we collect, use and otherwise process when you interact with the website or with us. All personal information will be processed in accordance with this privacy policy and applicable laws. If you do not agree with the provisions or changes to this privacy policy, do not use the website.

Please note that when the processing of your personal information is based on consent, you can withdraw it at any time by contacting us.

We reserve the right to modify this privacy policy to adapt it to any technological or legal change, to adjust it and reflect changes made to the website or for any other purpose. All updates to our privacy policy will be posted on this page or otherwise referenced if required by applicable laws.


We collect personal information in the circumstances listed below. In certain circumstances or for certain purposes, providing your personal information is voluntary (for example, when you register with the Villa Amphitheater). However, in other circumstances, providing your personal information is mandatory and we may not be able to provide you with requested services or products if you choose not to provide such information. For example, if you buy a ticket online, some personal information is required in order to send the ticket to you.

We collect your personal information in the following circumstances:

  • When you register on the website
  • When you purchase a ticket or other products
  • When you interact with the digital content on the website
  • When you participate in a contest and /or a survey
  • When you ask us a question or you communicate with us
  • When you apply for a job
  • When you provide your personal information while you are on-site at an event, such as when you log in to our Wi-Fi network
  • When posting comments on the website
  • When you choose to give us permission to access your information from third party websites (for example, through links to social media networks such as Facebook.)


Under the circumstances listed in the “How We Collect Information” section of this privacy policy, the following information may be collected:


For ease of reading, the term “personal information” is used in this privacy policy. For interpretation purposes, this expression will have the meaning established in the applicable legislation. For example, we consider your first name, last name, date of birth, postal address, telephone number, email address, mobile phone number, as well as any information that is considered personal information under applicable laws as personal information.

We collect and process the following categories of personal information:

  • Contact information such as your first name, last name, postal address, telephone number, email address.
  • Information of interests and preferences.
  • Any other information that you provide directly and voluntarily, including any message you send us by email and / or by contacting our customer service.
    Information collected automatically (usage information)We, like third-party advertisers, service providers, and content providers, may use a variety of cookies and similar tracking technologies (“Cookies”) that automatically collect certain website usage information each time you visit or interact with us (“usage information”). Usage information may include, without limitation, your information about your browser, operating system, all areas within our sites, and emails that you visit, including the content that you browse and the time of day, among other information. It may also include your IP address or other unique identifier (“device identifier”) for the particular device you use to access the website. A device identifier is a number that is automatically assigned to your computer, mobile phone or other device used to access the website and our servers identify your device by its device identifier. Subject to applicable laws, some mobile service providers may also provide to us or our third party service providers, with information about the physical location of the device used to access our website.


    Certain usage information may be considered personal information under certain laws, such as the IP address. To the extent that we combine usage information with your personal information, we will treat the combined information as personal information in accordance with this privacy policy.

    Información sobre alguien más / INFORMATION ABOUT SOMEONE ELSE

    If you submit information on behalf of someone else (for example, a friend, a family member, a member of a tour group you are organizing), you must ensure that you have their consent to share their personal information with us and you confirm that you have this consent.

Child information

We take children’s privacy seriously. We do not knowingly collect personal information from children through the website. If you are a minor under the laws of your country, do not submit personal information through the website without the express consent and involvement of a parent or guardian.


We collect and process personal information to:

  • Deliver the services you have requested and / or the tickets or other products you have purchased through the website
  • Design, maintain, analyze, manage, improve, market and provide products and services through the website
  • Help you make transactions and verify your identity with the transaction you have requested
  • Answer your questions
  • Perform quality assurance, sales, marketing and other business analysis.
  • Organize contest and other promotional activities
  • Contact you regarding the program you purchased tickets for (including notification of postponed or cancelled programs)
  • Send you a customer satisfaction survey after you have attended one of our shows, where permitted by applicable laws or with your consent (if necessary)
  • Understand your needs and interests and provide you with optimal services and personalized advertisements, services and products through profiling, where permitted by applicable laws or with your consent (if necessary)
  • Improve website performance, respond to your website related requests, remember preferences / settings.
  • Send you specific information, promotional and marketing communications about the Villa Amphitheater or third-party products and services (for example, offers, discounts, advance ticket sales notices, newsletters and birthday communications), as permitted by applicable law. or with your consent (if necessary)
  • Analyze and process your application for a possible job opportunity.


Although your personal information will be collected and stored on servers in the United States of America, members of the Villa Amphitheater and / or third parties may share, store and / or process it in any other way. Regardless of where your personal information is processed, we will take steps to protect your personal information in accordance with this privacy policy, data protection laws and, where required by applicable laws, recognized data transfer mechanisms. While we use reasonable means to safeguard your personal information, it is subject to legal requirements and government authorities in the foreign jurisdictions in which it is located. For example, we may be legally required to disclose personal information to a government authority in a foreign jurisdiction where your personal information is located.


We have adopted reasonable security procedures to protect against the loss or theft, unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use or modification of the personal information that you provide to us. While we strive to protect your personal information, we cannot guarantee the security of any personal information that you disclose or transmit on the website and we cannot be held responsible for the loss, theft, unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use or modification of your personal information, unless such acts are the result of our gross negligence or willful misconduct, or unless otherwise provided by law.


As permitted by applicable laws, you may exercise the following rights in regards to the personal information we hold about you:

Right to access your personal information: you have the right to access and obtain a copy of the personal information we hold about you (subject to certain restrictions);

Right to rectify your personal information: You have the right to have your personal information rectified if it is incorrect or out of date and / or complete if it is incomplete. To correct your personal information, please contact us. If you have an account with us, it may be easier for you to correct your own information through your online account;

Right to have your personal information erased: In some cases, you have the right to have your personal information erased or deleted. This is not an absolute right, as we may have legal or legitimate reasons to retain your personal information;

Right to object to the processing of your personal information: when the processing of your personal information is based on a legitimate interest, you have the right to object to its processing;

Right to restrict the processing of your personal information: the processing of your personal information may be restricted, in which case we will store it accordingly, but will not use or process it. This right applies in the limited circumstances established in the General Data Protection Regulation;

You can contact us at any time to exercise the rights mentioned above. Before granting your request, we may ask you to confirm your identity. Your request can be accepted or rejected based on applicable laws.


All inquiries about our privacy policy can be sent to:
(+506) 8403-4545
Del Fresh Market de Brasil de Mora 600 metros al oeste. Ciudad Colón, Costa Rica.