Caverns of Virilla

Unique themes that take you to magical places

Each cavern has a different vibe!

Diverse themes that captivate

We will take you
to different places!

Enjoy our Cavern Tours with more than 500 meters
of underground corridors with 6 themed rooms.

Virilla Caverns

Romantic Cavern

A room that is elegantly decorated in a cozy atmosphere to give that romantic touch to a couple’s dinner or a marriage proposal.


The only room that remains all natural. In this room, we exhibit curious rock formations that are a result of thermal shock.

Chapel / Sanctuary

The main hall is decorated in a Medieval style with religious images. Fine illumination, tables for events, an atrium with a crypt that’s 12 meters deep and a painting that represents the volcanic origin of the mountain.


A room that sends us to Ancient Egypt through the representation of King Tutankhamun’s burial chamber.


A special area for events or catering services. It is strategically made to connect with all the rooms.


It’s the second largest room with a maximum capacity for 30 people. Decorated with sculptures of angels, medieval armours and a bronze gong with a resonance that enhances the acoustics of the room.